About Us

jen Jennifer Fugatt

Jennifer Fugatt is a certified USA Triathlon coach and licensed physical therapist in Florida. She has been coaching triathletes since 2008 and working in the field of physical therapy since 1986. She is the owner and founder of PhysioFit Coaching, where she specializes in taking beginner triathletes across the finish line with a smile on their faces. Jennifer started racing triathlon in 2004 and founded PhysioFit Coaching in 2008 after deciding her passion should become her career. Her knowledge of the body, bio-mechanics, and exercise physiology, combined with the teaching skills she has honed in her physical therapy practice, have easily transferred to coaching and training triathletes. She is dedicated to instructing proper fundamentals and technique to beginners and experienced athletes alike in order to enhance performance, but more importantly, to avoid injury. She has mastered the art of teaching to various learning styles and is frequently praised by her athletes for helping them to “get it” and successfully cross the finish line. She is currently traveling around the Western states with her husband and dog, but continues to coach and motivate her athletes to success.

Amie Connolly

Amie is a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, and Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED responder. After completing her first triathlon in 2012 on a dare, she fell in love with the sport and joined Team Physiofit to take her new hobby to the next level. Although she had not competed in even a single 5k prior to her first “tri”, with the help of Coach Jen, and the encouragement of her “Tri-Sistas” Amie has since completed numerous triathlons, road races, trail races, 5k, 10k’s, half-marathons, and even the 2014 New York City Marathon. Amie’s passion for racing, everything triathlon, and more importantly her passion for Team Physiofit, inspired her to share what she has learned and act as Assistant Coach for the Fort Myers/Naples Chapter of Team Physiofit. Amie is currently pursuing her USAT coaching certification for the 2015 winter session.