I LOVE PhysioFit Coaching! I can’t get enough and am constantly looking forward to the next training session. Since starting with PhysioFit last year, I have trained for and raced in my first Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons while breaking personal barriers and accomplishing things I never thought possible. The support and guidance of Coach Jen makes it so easy for beginers to try something new, let go of the fear, and find the inner athlete. I wouldn’t train with anyone else and can’t wait to see where next season takes me!

Tina E.

Going through this training session and doing my first Tri with such a fabulous group of women has truly humbled me. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for your support, encouragement, and EMPOWERMENT! I could not have dreamed of a better experience for my first tri.

Coach Jen and Coach Pat, you have made such an impact on my life and I will never be the same for it (THANK YOU GOD!). I have definitely “caught the tribug” and am ready to sign up for more!

Jodi W.

Good afternoon Ladies,

I wanted to say THANK YOU! for an awesome beginners tri camp. I cried the whole way home!!! I cried for many reasons, but, one surely was that I could finally see the finish line at my first race. In my day dreaming I could see myself IN the race but, I could never see the finish line – and now I can! Another reason has to be that God put two angels in my path – Coaches Jen and Pat. You know all things serve for a greater purpose. What you are doing for women not only empowers them but, makes them feel AND know that YES! I can do this! So, I know that God must be sick of hearing me say ” Lord, please I just want to do ONE race – PLEASE HELP ME!!!” Hence my two angels!! Thank you! So, my third reason would be that well, I endured something that has only been in my dreams. But, yet here today I walked away accomplished and feeling absolutley terrific about something that is not about any one else but, me. Only I can cross the finish line, only I can be motivated to train, only I can control what goes into my mouth. But, after this weekend I know that I can do this. Well, especially now that I have a super cool tri bag!! =) OK so it’s not pink but, I do have some goodies that are pink that I have to put on my bag TONIGHT to make it part of the Elsa tri gear =). My last reason is that this was such a great weekend that it ranks with having my children, getting married and a breast reduction. All things that have made my life super great!

Love you always! Elsa P.

I first met Coach Jen and Coach Pat back in July of last year. I wrote this to them when I got home on Sunday after my first camp. You all have been posting some really inspiring things lately and it makes me smile to read the posts. Honestly, I must say that I was truly excited that Brandie wrote something. We make each other better. I want to be better not only for me but, our team is stronger everytime we meet because each one of us has the same desires. To empower each other and ourselves. I found this email and I wanted to share it with you. It makes me cry again just to read it. Coach Jen and Coach Pat are truly what makes our teams heart beat and I know they make mine beat stronger!!! I am so proud to be part of this awesome womens team and each one of you as I get to know you makes me better!! Love you guys!!