IMG_1707What a surprise to be named Athlete of the Week! I’m trying not to be embarrassed! I don’t yet consider my self an athlete. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and have always been an avid exerciser!  But I’m trying! I thought -“I can walk, I can swim, I can bike  soooo I thought I would give triathlon a try. I trained on my own. I swam in my complex pool and I did what I call my bike/walk. I’d ride to Lakes park, walk a 5k and then ride home. That’s how I got started in triathlon. My first tri was Captiva in 2013. Jen De Long told me about Physiofit and I took swim lessons from a wonderful coach ! I made a promise to myself that when I retire from nursing I would join the group and get healthier! So , here I am! I like the feeling of accomplishment participating in Triathlons gives me. Training is my hobby!! A healthy hobby. I look forward to the camaraderie!!