Congratulations to Angelina, Athlete of the Week of 3/16/15 for performing her workouts with a positive attitude and giving it her all!
Coach: What brought you to the sport of triathlon?
Angelina: After couple of years watching my boys grow and succeed as athletes, ironically becoming myself less and less fit, gaining weight, I was ready for a change. I was hoping to find an alternative to a gym. That’s when I found PhisioFit and thought it would be fun to give it a try even though I had no idea what Tri was.
C: From where do you draw you inspiration to keep healthy and fit?
A: That’s easy. My inspiration from day one comes from my amazing teammates, who while juggling their jobs, families are training and racing and having so much fun pushing and supporting each other. Also having a Coach that reassured me step by step that I’m capable of doing things, without scaring me off in the very beginning and gaving me advice on nutrition.
C: What is your favorite thing about training and racing triathlon?
A: It’s hard to explain everything what Triathlon brought into my life. First of all, confidence that it is possible to do what seemed to be almost impossible, also showing me that training hard with the team can be a lot of fun.
C: What is your favorite thing about training and racing triathlon?
A: Since I started training and racing I feel stronger, have more energy, have more fun with my life. Losing weight came as a nice bonus. And I love the feeling after finishing race or a great workout