Wow, the ladies of Team Physiofit are really rock’n it!!! We have 3 Athletes Of the Week, this week, 3/29/15!
Leah Baehrle: Leah is recognized for coming to the bridge run despite being sick, and for being responsible enough to hold back on her workout because of it. She also got in her bike ride last Saturday even though she was unable to ride with the Team at Miracle Limbs, and for consistently meeting her teammate, Deb at the pool to support her with her swim training.
Coach: What is your favorite thing about training and racing triathlon?
Leah: My favorite thing about training is being able to spend time with all the great training partners I’ve met along the way, and having the support from them. My favorite part of racing is the feel of total accomplishment when I finish a race.

Deb Dustin:
Deb has earned AOTW for adopting the Train Smart philosophy in spite of her competitive nature. Deb is a lifelong athlete but has wisely altered her racing style in favor of longevity and overall well-being. This is more of a mental feat than a physical one and Deb has managed the task by putting more energy into her swimming and biking,(taking the pressure off of her joints). This adaptation exemplifies one of the cornerstones of the TP philosophy. Deb is listening to her body and respecting its limitations; however this has not stopped her from attending the scheduled run workouts and improving her form. I guarantee, her struggle to walk when she really wants to run is a far more difficult task than any speed intervals.
Coach: From where do you draw your inspirations to keep healthy and fit?
Deb: My inspiration comes from wanting to be a positive role model for my daughter and my students. It comes from knowing the importance of healthy living .

IMG_5706Jessica Carrick:
Jess has earned AOTW the old fashioned way, by making HUGE improvements in her running form. Over the past few weeks, Jess has overcome being completely discouraged and ready to forget the whole thing, to engaging her core and changing her posture both on the bridge and during intervals… we can’t wait to see how she continues to improve and really see things start falling into place over the course of the season.
Coach: What has triathlon brought to your life?
Jess: Triathlon has brought a huge sense of accomplishment into my life. It’s a great feeling crossing that finish line, knowing that all the blood, sweat, and tears through training paid off. Being a part of this team has been an amazing experience and I am so glad to have met all of these amazing women.