DSCN0790Triathlon season is in full swing in SWFL! You’ve done all the hard work training, you’re mentally conditioned, you’ve dialed in your nutrition, and practiced transition, now it’s time to race! For most athletes, nervousness increases as race day approaches and it can be easy to forget some important gear. Don’t let a forgotten item derail your big day. Be race ready with this check list. Staying organized and confident that you have all necessary gear will help you arrive at your race destination calm and ready to put your race routine into place, which will be discussed in Be Race Ready Part-2.
Race check list:
goggles x 2 (one clear, one dark; choose depending on conditions)
swim clothes (usually tri shorts and tri top)
cap (usually provided in race packet, not provided at reverse-order races)
timing chip (picked up race morning or sometimes in race packet)

bike shoes/socks
bike clothes if different from swim
water bottle x 2-3
nutrition and fluids
saddle bag with all flat-fix stuff in it

run shoes
run clothes if different from swim/bike
race number belt

pre-race meal
towel x 2 (one for transition, one for post-race)
post-race clothes/shoes
post-race meal (healthy options not always provided by race)
drivers license
proof of USAT membership, or purchase one day membership with race registration or at packet pick-up.
bag to carry all items into transition
plastic bag to hold wet race gear
bike tire pump
bike lock
toilet paper
hole punch/zip ties (may need to alter bike number to fit/attach it to your bike)
headlamp (it’s dark at 5:00am!)
black marker (you may body mark yourself)
duct tape (it fixes everything!)