Putting It All Together: Be Race Ready!!
So now you know how to swim, bike, run, and transition, you know how to fuel your body and you know how to train, but what about the race? The Race. The race is where it all comes together! The following list is a strategy guideline for pre-, during-, and post-race. As you gain experience in triathlon, you will develop you own unique strategy for racing-find what works for you!

Several days ahead:
○ make list of necessary race gear
○ organize race bag with necessary gear
○ purchase and/or prepare pre-race meal, snacks, hydration needs
One day ahead:
○ arrive at race site for packet pick-up
○ the more you can learn about the race course and layout the day before, the better, as race morning is usually dark and very hectic
○ scope out the course: drive the bike and run course, swim the swim course if possible
○ make sure you note the terrain, entry, exit of swim
○ hydrate throughout the day
○ eat planned light meals/snacks
○ avoid sampling all goodies offered at race expos, they may cause GI upset
○ eat a light, early dinner
○ put race numbers on bike, helmet, and race belt
○ go to bed early, get a good night’s sleep
Race morning:
○ wake early, eat meal as planned, hydrate as planned
○ arrive at transition early, it can get crowded, lines can be long for body marking and timing chip pick-up
○ place timing chip on ankle as soon as you get i, safety pin it in place
○ apply sunscreen before getting body marked (sunscreen/lotion is one of the best ways to get the marker off)
stay relaxed
○ make sure bike gearing is where you want it
○ set up transition as you have practiced
○ find landmarks for your bike location in transition
○ walk through “swim in”, “bike out and in”, and “run out” and “finish line” in transition, noting land marks for each
calm your nerves using the method you have rehearsed
○ warm up. I recommend swimming to warm up so you can be mentally and physically prepared to hit the water
○ stretch
○ high-five your friends
○ listen for your wave start, line up according to your ability, towards the outside

The race is on:
During the race:
○ pace yourself, you want to finish strong, not crawling across the line
○ be prepared for some mishaps: get kicked in the swim, water in your goggles, flat tire on the bike, blisters on the run
○ stay calm–regroup, fix “it” if you can–improvise–get going
○ follow all the rules
○ be courteous to other racers
○ thank the volunteers
○ smile as you cross the finish line
○ high-five your friends as they cross the finish line
○ follow your post-race nutrition plan
○ enjoy the post-race party
○ gather all your gear from transition
○ plan your next race!