IMG_5221Cindy earned AOTW in recognition of her consistency and spirit. Although she privately confesses when she’s not looking forward to a work-out (barring wardrobe malfunctions) she shows up and puts in her effort, with her team mates often none the wiser. Cindy tends to fly under the radar, but her competitive spirit is always a positive influence on her sistas.
Coach: What brought you to the sport of triathlon?
Cindy: My interest in triathlons came from a combination of family involvement and a desire to reach higher levels of health and fitness. I’ve been especially motivated by my husband, Andy, who was a semi-pro cyclist and triathlon champion from its early days. He’s always held the non-judgemental expectation that achieving is doable if you make consistent, smart effort.

C: From where do you draw your inspiration to keep healthy and fit?
CW: Again, it comes from family – both the dos and don’ts. I’ve seen the ill effects of poor diet and lack of fitness, and have been trying to eat healthy and clean for almost 40 years. Being physically fit has given me more self confidence than anything else. All it takes is a period of illness or time off exercising from overwork to make me more committed to maintaining my fitness.

C: What has triathlon brought to your life?
CW: Triathlon has brought an immense feeling of accomplishment and can-do attitude of perseverance. I constantly battle the demons of dread when I sign up for a race. Yet, I also receive the gift of ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ attitude that despite my fears and self-doubt, I can be triumphant, when just finishing a race is my most prized reward.

C: What is your favorite thing about training and racing triathlon?
CW: My favorite thing is having a community of like minded people. Especially the women of Team Physiofit. Triahlon is not an easy sport, so the people who train and race together have a camaraderie gained from hours of training in a variety activities. Everyone has a chance to shine from some aspect of attempting and completing triathlon training and racing. It creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and inspiration