Online Training


Online training for those anywhere in the world.

  • We can design a customized coaching package with frequent email and phone communication, custom training plan written according to your current fitness level and modified and updated as-needed, race planning, goal planning, ┬ánutrition planning. This plan costs $150-300/month with 3-month minimum and $100 initial set-up fee.
  • You can purchase a training plan written for you based on your current fitness level and experience. This is a written training plan only, no other coaching services or instruction are included. The cost for this option is $75 for a 12-week sprint distance plan, $85 for a 16-week Olympic plan, and $99 for 20-week long or ultra distance plan.
  • You can purchase a pre-made training plan. A 12-week sprint distance plan is $30, 16-week Olympic is $40, and 20-week long or ultra distance is $50. This option does not include any other coaching services or instruction.

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