Triathlon Coaching


We offer several options to meet your triathlon coaching needs:

Full Service personal coaching

Hire me as your coach and we work closely together, covering all aspects of triathlon, including nutrition, open water swim, race preparation, run, swim, and bike skills.  I develop an annual periodized training plan specifically for you.  This option includes frequent phone and email communication and one 60-minute coached session per week.  I advise and adjust your training plan as needed, based on your feedback.  This plan costs $350/month, with a 3-month minimum and initial set up fee of $100.

A-la-carte personal coaching

60-minute or 30-minute one-on-one sessions for instruction on any aspect of triathlon.  Private freestyle swim lessons, run form analysis or drill instruction, bike fitting, bike drill instruction, nutrition consultation and planning, race preparation or race planning, transition training, open water swim instruction are all available as one-on-one coaching instruction. Any instruction can also be done for small groups, so gather some friends and get coached! $75 / 60-minute, $45 / 30-minute session. Multi-session discount offered. Small group discount offered.

Build your own coaching package

You decide what kind of coaching you like or need to become a better triathlete and we will come up with a fair price.

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